The power of healthy food

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. That is what Hippocrates, the founder of Western medicine, stated more than 2300 years ago. Although this statement is still relevant today, food is rarely prescribed as medicine. Modern stressors and our overloaded and unbalanced lifestyle pose a health risk. This is also apparent from the increasing prevalence of lifestyle diseases in Western society. The awareness that physical and mental health are largely determined by eating and living patterns has grown considerably in recent years. In America, the term Superfood has been used for a long time to emphasize the power of healthy food. This idea was further promoted by bestsellers such as Superfoods: The Food and Medicine of the Future by David Wolfe. It is not uncommon for terms such as Superfoods to be used for marketing purposes, but it has brought the power of healthy food to the attention of a wider audience. People were inspired to take charge of their own health.

The origins of Mattisson

That certain plants, herbs, nuts and seeds have healthy properties was already discovered by our distant ancestors. Supplements came about because scientists started to isolate the vital substances from these foods in a pure form. In recent decades, the demand for supplements has increased enormously. Aware of this development and convinced of the power of healthy food, Ruud started selling various supplements. However, he soon discovered that much more was possible with the many treasures in which our nature is rich. In addition to isolated nutrients, various Superfoods were added to the range. Food as it occurs in nature and therefore without processing. The goal was to create its own brand with natural products that contribute to human health and the world in the broadest sense. A Universal Healthstyle brand that creates awareness for body, mind & soul based on a sustainable idea. Back to the basics from nature, but in a way that fits into our current, often busy lifestyle. 20 years later we can proudly say that we succeeded.

Universal Healthstyle, what does that mean?

Universal Healthstyle stands for an optimal healthy way of life that suits you and your environment. From everyday activities to performing at the top level. Mattisson's range has been carefully selected based on the needs you encounter in everyday life. By universal we mean that we make the treasures of the earth available to everyone, in the form of high quality products. The range consists of a complete range of health style products. This includes (vegan) proteins, nuts & seeds, healthy snacks, plants & herbs and quality supplements that support a Universal Healthstyle.

How are our products created?

At Mattisson we are engaged in developing health-style products based on the treasures of our earth, indigenous wisdom and new discoveries. We invest in making knowledge about universal health widely accessible through research, partnerships and a broad network of specialists. Every day we follow the world of health in all areas. Mattisson attaches great importance to transparency: the raw materials with which our products are produced are traceable and we work with branded ingredients where possible. The production of our products is partly done internally. In addition, we work together with, among others, the social work company UW, where part of the products are filled and labelled.

How does Mattisson contribute to a more sustainable world?

At Mattisson, we strive to develop products that not only contribute to our own health, but also to that of the world in which we live. This aim is reflected in the choices we make when developing new products. We are also constantly working to make the existing range even healthier for people and nature. We have opted for plant-based and organic ingredients for many of our products. If we discover a more sustainable alternative to a product or ingredient, we make it available in our range. For example, at Mattisson you will find various protein powders of vegetable origin and algae oil to replace fish oil. In addition, we are currently developing a plant-based collagen booster. We are also concerned with making sustainable choices when producing and packaging our products. For example, we are working to limit the use of plastic in our packaging as much as possible. We are convinced that it is never too late to make a positive impact!

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