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Nettle tea is not really tea made from tea leaves, but can rather be seen as an herbal tea. Nettle tea is a tea that has a lot of health benefits.
The plant nettle

Nettle we see especially if weeds. It is a nasty plant, which for skin irritations can provide and who quickly anywhere in your garden. We all know the red, itchy bumps that you get after you've been in touch directly with the plant. Although the plant may not be as we like it, it is called a plant with medicinal properties. It is extremely good for our bodies. Nettle can be enjoyed in a form of tea, but there might also be made soup. This you can do with the nettle that just in your garden grows.
Is nettle tea healthy?

Nettle tea has different health benefits. The tea is for example ...

Good for your skin
Blood cleansing
Good resistance to fatigue
Good for your digestive system
Perfect for menstrual complaints against to go
Good against bad breath
Good for your teeth
Good for your immune system
Perfect for people who want to lose weight

Lose weight with nettle tea

Nettle tea is perfect to fall off. It stimulates the digestion and gives you a fuller feeling. Your metabolism is also increased through regular nettle tea to drink.

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